alpha Racing Linear WSBK Linkage Kit BMW S1000RR

$ 1,699.99

alpha Racing Linear WSBK Linkage Kit BMW S1000RR
Part Number: 3353A025A00-01
alpha Racing Linear WSBK Linkage Kit BMW S1000RR, Code S20, with all needle bearings, seals, bushings and 1 close tolerance bolt M12 x 1.5 x 105mm. The rear suspension link changes the rate of the OEM BMW S1000RR’s increasing Rate Suspension to Linear Movement for added rear tire grip and stability by transferring power to the ground in a smoother rate. Engineered by alpha Racing with advanced chassis software and used in WSBK for more rear tire traction with higher HP engines. You will reuse the OEM inner bearing rods as well as the OEM bolts, install using OEM torque specs. 

alpha Racing utilizes state-of-the-art computer automated design and experience in World Superbike Championship and brings you the very best in BMW S1000RR/HP4 billet parts. These special parts are high speed CNC machined, completely milled from high-strength aerospace grade billet aluminum and hard anodized for superior finish, ultra-lightweight and extreme durability. 

We recommend this link to be used with the Ohlins Mark 2 TTX shock the BM930 for the 2012 and 2013, the BM931 for the 2010 and 2011, and the BM932 for the S1000RR HP4 2013. The standard valving specification should be upgraded to better match the characteristics of this link, although you can use the stock spec as well. The stock Ohlins spec for these shocks are BM930 (C35/R5), BM931 (C35/R6), BM932 (C35/R6). alpha Racing recommends (C6/R5) or (C36/R5) for this alpha Racing Linear Suspension Link.

Benefit from the unrivaled racing knowledge of alpha Racing in Germany and their professional experience in World Superbike, World Superstock, German IDM Superbike Championship, FIM Superstock Cup 1000, MotoGP (Moto2) and 24 Hour Endurance Racing by using genuine alpha Racing Performance Parts, Electronics and ECU Flash Tuning.

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