2D-Datalogging WSBK Kit System with Options - BMW S1000RR

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2D-Datalogging WSBK Kit System with Options - BMW S1000RR (2010-, 2015-)
Part Number: AP-9999-02

(System was used for a few testing sessions only).

This 2D WSBK KIT enables the user to measure essential variables of the bike (e.g. wheel speed, RPM, throttle, LAP Time...), show these values on a display, and store them in the memory of the datalogger. Then the collected data can be downloaded to a PC and analyzed by the software. Documentation reference: Art.No.: AC-DOC_SY-KIT-Basic_08-000.


KIT Suspension (Front & Rear 2D) sensor add on. The optional sensor kit is included which enable the user to measure, display and analyze additional variables which are not available by using the basic KIT (e.g. suspension front and rear). Documentation reference: Art.No.: AC-DOC_SY-KIT-SensorOptions_08-000.

2D Infrared Laptrigger set.
According to 2D standard, GPS laptrigger is offered with the Kit System software. For better accuracy or for use at racetracks were no GPS data is available you can use the optional infrared laptrigger set. Documentation reference: Art.No.: AC-DOC_SY-KIT_IR-Laptriggerset-000

A/F Lambda Sensor set.A/F controller and A/F sensor. Direct measurement of A/F ratio to optimize the injection/engine setting. Controller and sensor with CAN bus data output, ready to connect to the Kit logger. Documentation reference: Art.No.: AC-DOC_SY-KIT-Lambda-addon_08-000.
2D BigDash display. Optional you can attach the BigDash display from 2D to replace the MiniDash. This BigDash enables you to show more informations in higher quality. The BigDash Display: SY-KITDash_6/8-000 Big Dashboard to show Parameters of the bike like lap-times, RPM, water temperature or other logged channels. Includes fully programmable shift light. BigDash display features:
  • New glass design for better information with bigger dotmatrix area
  • Reduced weight improved reliability by COG technology
  • A graphic display with 132x64 dots can be used to show any channel or to display warning messages (indicating low oil pressure, high water temperature, and low battery voltage)
  • 64 segment rev-counter in graph style
  • Extra warning light on the side of the dashboard
  • 1 x CAN interface
  • Adjustable brightness of LED’s
  • Full temperature range -20 to 85°C
  • Temperature controlled contrast
  • PVC housing
  • Supplied with Loom KIT Dashboard 6/8 (=WL-KITDash6/8-000) for easy connection with KIT datalogger.

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2D Kit System Documentation (User Manual & Installation)



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